Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Terrell Family

Please pray for some of our friends who are currently in Ethiopia visiting their little boy Xander!!! They are on their first trip to Court. We are praying they are passed and will get to go back to get their little man soon. The Terrell Family. This is a picture of Abram and their daugher Hadley as the Ringbearer and Flower girl in a wedding this past December!

Preschool...what a gift.

One thing I love about Abram's preschool on top of the teachers, the kids, the location, and the curriculum. I love teacher gifts. I love to make crafts and give gifts and I'm thankful that there are many holidays to be able to come up with teacher gifts for his teachers. Thus far we've been able to give thankful spiced tea jars, Christmas frames and Candy, and Rolo Cookies for Valentine's Day. I'm excited to come up with aka "google" more ideas for future gifts. And I love watching Abram hand his teacher a gift and give them a big hug.

On top of teacher gifts Abram's preschool has been a huge blessing to him and us. It has helped him verbally, socially, and gives him something to look forward to. Every time I pick him up from school he gets in the car saying, "more school, more school!" And then we count down the days until he gets to go again.

There are a couple memories I don't want to forget about his preschool. One was the first time he actually said something at Show and Tell. I had been putting random toys in his backpack to take to school for participation but the thought hadn't dawned on me to put something in his bag he could actually say. That was until he was given a stuffed cat. At first I wasn't sure what we'd be doing with that stuffed cat but I did notice every time Abram picked it up he said cat. So one day I decided to put the cat in his backpack to take to school for the day.

When I picked him up from school that day I could tell there was an excitement in the air. One of his teachers came up to me to tell me what had happened at Show and Tell that day. Abram stood up as usual, took his item out of his back pack and then he spoke! Cat!!! His teacher said all the kids cheered with excitement when Abram was able to say what was in his bag!!! It was a great victory for Abram that day and all the kids were happy to share the experience with him. Since then his vocabularly has widely expanded and now we can put more than just a cat in his backpack. Even though it might just be a car Abram is still able to fully participate in Show and Tell!

Another special moment was when I took Abram late to school one day. I will admit we are late everyday but this day was a little later than normal. When we walked in some boys saw that Abram was late and immediately ran over and hugged his neck! They were surrounding him and hugging him so much he wasn't even able to take off his jacket. They were telling him they missed him and were glad he was there today. And then asked him to come with them to play trucks. It warmed my heart. It's hard sometimes when I pick him up from school because I want to know everything he did and what he thinks about things. But our conversations are still very limited. When I saw those boys hug him and talk to him the way they did it gave me a comfort and ease that he was loved and loved those boys in return.

At first I wasn't sure if preschool was for us or the way to go but for now it is a wonderful blessing to the Wells family and I'm excited for more memories to share!