Sunday, February 6, 2011


Nest: A container or shelter made by a bird out of twigs, grass, or other material to hold its eggs and young.
Nesting:To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge.

While waiting for the boys I have began the nesting process. I am excited to create a warm and secure refuge for them to come home to! I'm thankful for the home that we have and thankful for the boys that will soon be apart of our home. I'm sure it'll be a tad different when they get here, but I'm excited to hear little feet running through the halls, a sound machine when their sleeping, lots of balls bouncing on the hardwood floors, and laughs and cries coming from their room. It's been fun to start decorating, collecting, and somewhat preparing to have them in our home! Here's a few pictures from our nesting process. More will come in time.

T-shirts our Agency sent us.

I bought some clothes from a lady through a friend of a friend for a dollar! These were one of my favorite purchases.

Some of their toy collection. The monkeys came from our agency and the football from my good friend J-Multiple!

Ellis' pillow for when he's a big boy.

Still haven't figured out exactly what I'm doing with this but hopefully it'll look cool when i'm finished with it. It'll go in the boys room.

Tony's Birthday present.

The start of their book collection.

Bedding and Monkeys.

My mom helped me paint their room. The stripes turned out really nice above the Wainscoting.

Abram's pillow. :)

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  1. I love this!!! Two books I would recommend are Snuggle Puppy & Let's Dance, Little Pookie. They're cute & catchy, and I think appropriate for both ages. Plus they involve dancing & singing!

    And just a comment for your last post...

    There are so many things in this post that I can actually relate to pregnancy, in a roundabout way. You sound quite pregnant with emotion in this post! :) No, but honestly - the 9 months of "waiting" that lead up to a biological child can be very scary, frustrating, physically exhausting, and sickening. Maybe part of "growing your child in your heart" is experiencing those emotions of being unsure and fearful sometimes... emotions that prepare (in my opinion) our hearts for the... incomparably deep love we are about to experience.

    While your fears are different, I definitely had moments where I distanced myself from my pregnancy (almost "ignoring" it) so I could make it through another day. But I will assure you, although our experiences are different, when you see, feel, touch, smell, and hear your babies - the intensity of your love will overcome any doubt and with time, you will manage the anxieties of motherhood as we all do one moment at a time, praying all the way.