Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Have Arrived!

Well we made it! After a few of the longest flights we've ever been on we finally arrived at the airport in Addis! From the get go we noticed a few differences in the culture that mostly made us laugh such as people cutting lines, telling us to move, moving our bags if they were in the way. There wasn't much personal space. Anyway...after the flights and going through customs we were greeted by this beautiful girl who was holding up a sign that said Tony Wells. As soon as I saw that sign we just smiled at each other and she knew who we were. Seeing her sweet face was more than welcoming and made me feel so Happy to be here! The same sweet girl just made us breakfast and will be helping us with our boys! After we left the airport we got on a short bus to be taken to the home where we are staying. It was dark out but now that it's morning we are looking at the beautiful yet rundown city and mountains that we couldn't see last night. It was a short drive that ended down some very dark and bumpy alleys...Tony and I just looked at eachother and started laughing! I said, "We are Crazy! We're in Africa and tomorrow we're going to get our Africa babies!" Tony is talking to Agiee our sweet helper and she just informed us that the boys names, Bruike means Blessing and Sitotawe means Gift. In a few minutes we are going to go meet that beautiful blessing and gift. Now the tears have started. Hopefully more updates will come soon! We're going to go get our boys now so not sure how much time we'll have to blog, but will make a great effort. As of now we are not nervous but excited and prayerful. We know this week may be tough but it won't even compare to the goodness that will come from having these boys with us home.


  1. Hey Girl, Just wanted to say congrats on getting your boys. Safe trip home and can't wait to see a family photo. Have a wonderful first week with them!

  2. Congratulations! Hope you are having an amazing time with your boys and that you PASS COURT!!! :o)