Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Baby Take 2

There are many words you could use to describe our youngest child Ellis. Big, free, funny, passionate, emotional, smart, sweet, wild...and the list goes on. He has done some funny/incredible things lately I'd like to remember. Therefore I'm writing a second post entitled Super Baby. We'll go in order of Events.

Event one...Ellis is approximately 14 months old at the time. Tony and I and some friends are sitting around talking, laughing, etc. Someone says, "Hallelujah!" Then what do we hear? The word Hallelujah come clearly out of a 14 month olds mouth. He went from ball, cookie, hi, Mommy, to Hallelujah. The word has yet to be repeated as clearly as it was.

Event two... I had heard a family tradition from a friend and decided I would like for it to be one of our family traditions. The tradition goes that on Christmas morning the first thing you do is take baby Jesus out of the manger and hide him in the house. Why hide baby Jesus you ask? Isn't it all about Him. Well... you hide baby Jesus but the first thing you do in the morning is look for him. When you find him you place him back in the manger singing Joy to the World! And Jesus and his birthday is restored and the day starts all about Him! This was something we wanted to start right away and was probably one of the things I was most excited about on Christmas morning!

When we came out in the morning I showed Abram baby Jesus and explained to him what we were going to do. I told him to close his eyes and then I would hide baby Jesus. Little did I know sweet baby Ellis was paying close attention. At this time...15 months. So Abram is closing his eyes and I hide baby Jesus. When he opens his eyes he begins to look. He looks under blankets, pillows, couches, and doesn't see baby Jesus sitting with all the presents. To humor myself and involve Ellis I asked Ellis, "Where's baby Jesus." Ellis smiles and then walks over to the tree to pick up baby Jesus! We laughed hysterically as we sang Joy to the World and placed baby Jesus back in the Nativity.

Event three...Ellis often hangs out with me while I'm doing laundry. Our washer and dryer our in one of our bathrooms. While I'm transferring and folding he'll sit and play in the clothes, play in and out of the shower, and do whatever to entertain himself. One day while I'm folding he walks over to the toilet and says, "Caca." Caca is the word we use for poop around our home in case anyone didn't catch that. I just looked at him and laughed thinking that was cute. Then he proceeds, "Caca, Please!" I realized that he was insisting on pooping on the toilet. I thought I'd try it out so I grab the potty seat and place him on it. He sits there for a while and then it happens!!! I was shocked! I immediately errupted with joy and praised him for what he had just done! He smiled with his huge grin and began clapping for himself! And then he just kept pooping and peeing on the potty and all was right with the world. I wish. :) I won't tell you what happened after that but he is still not potty trained but will every once in a while do his thing like a big boy.

Lastly for now... I've been trying to teach him to say I love you. We're doing the point to your eye, cross your heart, and point to who you love. He won't do the eye part or the point to who you love part but he crosses his heart, says love, and smiles. It warms my heart every time. Especially when you don't tell him to do it. It's a funny thing though because Abram always did the eye and the point part but forgot the love. Our love for them is continuing to grow deeper and deeper and it's exciting when we get a glimpse of their love for us as well.

That's all for now for the Super Baby! I'm sure more posts will come!


  1. So wonderful. The name of the blog, the pictures, the topics. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life. - Jonathon

    1. Thanks Jonathon and thanks for reading! Hopefully you'll be able to meet the boys one day!