Monday, March 19, 2012

A few firsts for Abram

Abram's 1st date with Mommy. 
It could technically be our second if you count a hot chocolate date to starbucks. But what I would possibly call our first date was going to the movies. We went to see the Muppet Movie. I thought it would be a good choice for both of us. We got all dressed up, drove to lexington, which is what Tony and I usually do for dates and then went to the movie. We had good snacks, good seats, and I really enjoyed the entertainment. I could tell Abram was over it by the end but I thoroughly enjoyed the music and sarcastic humor. I was a little disappointed that Abram didn't enjoy the movie as much as I did and thought the date might've been a bust. That was until we used the restroom after the movie. After we washed our hands Abram got to use the super high air powered hand dryers. They blew so hard that it pushed the skin back on our hands from the force. This was the best part of our date. I let him stick his head and his face and any other area that could reach the dryer and you would've thought that we paid for this wonderful entertainment. He was laughing and dancing and spinning from the joy that the hand dryer had brought to him. After this I knew our date was a success and I look forward to more dates with Him!

Abram's first Haircut. (As a Wells)
The time had come. We realized when it was getting harder and harder to get a pick through Abram's hair that the time had come to get it cut. Also after months of people asking, "What are you going to do with his hair?" It's funny how often people give us advice or comment on the boys hair. I had been told multiple times his hair was nappy but until it was from a reliable (same kind of hair source) I didn't believe it. I thought he had a nice little afro growing but then came out of my denial to see it was nappy as they said. At first I thought i'd just take some scissors to it and start cutting but Tony had a better idea. He got a football player from Georgetown that obviously knew what he was doing to come over and cut Abram's hair. What I thought would take minutes turned into an hour and a half. He had more hair then we could see. They had to lather it up with lotion to even get the trimmers to start cutting. But with a ring pop in his hand Abram was a trooper. He sat as still as possible and didn't complain until the job was done. Since then he's had a second hair cut and now has a cute little fohawk. It seems he likes to get his hair cut because he often runs his hand over his head saying, "Buzzzzzzz" and asking for another hair cut. He got a lot of attention from the mohawk too which he milked all the way. He'd go up to girls pointing at his head to see if they noticed his hair cut as well.  We've realized it's easier to maintain with it short so for now multiple haircuts are still to come. Here are some pics from the event.
Before before shot.

Had his serious face on with the Georgetown football team watching.

Ellis enjoyed the entertainment too!

Abram's first job as the Ringbearer.
When we were first asked for Abram to be the Ringbearer in our friends wedding I was super excited. I knew he'd be perfect for it. He loves people, is good in big groups, and follows directions really well. It seemed I was right...or so I thought. We got to the rehearsal dinner and Abram did his usual. Walked around like he owned the place. Gave everyone high fives and ran around free as a bird. I bribed him with some candy to get him to walk down the aisle a few times. He did good. Walked slow, carried his pillow, stayed with his partner Hadley and when we practiced he did great! I felt really good about it and thought we'd have no problems. Then comes the day of the wedding. All was Wells as usual. We practiced up and down the aisle before all the people got there. Abram seemed a little more apprehensive than usual and even had a hard time taking some pictures. But he seemed to get it together. When the ceremony started we were hanging around in the back of the church. He was happy and everytime I told him what to do he just smiled. But it all changed in an instant. He waited in line during for his turn and when his time came it all started to fall apart. All I remember is seeing the lip quiver and the wedding coordinator saying, "Liz he's getting upset, He's getting upset Liz, he looks really upset." I laugh at is now but in that moment I had no clue what was going on or what to do. I hadn't prepared for this moment because I thought everything would be fine. Then everyone turns around and stairs at the little boy in the back of the church now crying his eyes out and just standing there. For a second I thought he was going to walk so I left him, and then he turned and looked at me, with everyone looking at him, now wailing. This seemed like it was a good 5 minutes of loud crying but it was probably only a matter of 30 seconds when I decided to do the only thing I knew to do. I grabbed his hand and there we went. I walked him down the aisle. With no shoes on I might add. I really wasn't prepared. At the time I was highly embarassed and thought I looked like a bad mom, etc. etc. Now I laugh about it and told my friend I'm glad I got to walk down the aisle in her wedding and walk with my son. Abram had another wedding coming up in August. This time I'll be really nervous, and try to have a plan b if everything falls apart. Turns out everyone thought he was cute and that thing happens all the time. After we walked down the aisle we sat on the front row and told him he did a great job and gave him some candy. Hopefully the memory will be a good one.

Abram and Hadley the flower girl.

Family pic looking nice. Doesn't happen often.

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